Pick my brains! - modern sex education and coaching sessions

Come and share a pot of tea while we chat all things sexuality. Ask questions you’ve always wondered about, discuss topics that have until now been too taboo to have any real dialogue around, receive the sex education you never had at school!

This session is an opportunity to learn about sex, genitals, orgasm, relationships, pleasure anatomy, self love/care, and your own body and sexual identity.

The sex-ed we receive growing up and into adulthood is, frankly, rather dismal. We are not equipped with the sort of empowering knowledge about sex and our bodies that we really should be, and I am determined to change that. So come and get stuck into it with me!

These 90 minute sessions are fully clothed, respectful, non-judgemental, and informal chats that you will walk away from with a newfound sense of empowerment, sexy inspiration, knowledge, and confidence.


Skype sessions are also available if you are not local, so feel free to get in touch if you’d like to organise one of these babies!