Growing up in the countryside of rural Victoria, Freya reveled in the joys of massage even as a child.  She would engage her siblings and friends in massage swaps where they would take turns giving each other back rubs - with a timer used to ensure fairness!  
Since then, Freya has studied and trained in the ancient temple style lomi lomi - Ka Huna massage, Yoni Mapping Therapy - ‘The Bliss Method’, yoga teaching, tantric bodywork, yoni massage, facilitation, and sacred sexuality.

Freya is passionate about authentic human connection, holistic health & lifestyle, natural therapies, sexual education & empowerment, and the incredibly important, but often overlooked, role of touch in a human’s well-being.

Freya is inspired by nature’s innate wisdom, reflected in our amazing bodies and in the natural environment that she loves to get amongst and explore. Her favourite pastimes range from cooking, nutrition, reading endless stacks of books, and creating natural skincare products in her kitchen, to dance and movement, learning, singing joyfully, organic gardening, and performing live music.


Freya’s approach was one of deep respect and devotion to my highest good.
She created a heart-centred space where I felt totally safe to let go of my body and allow Freya to hold, support and nurture me where it was needed the most.
Freya intuited her flow to resonate with exactly what my body needed, where it needed it.
— Yvonne Westerman, Melbourne

Special thanks to Noah Snell for his stunning photography - Check his work out here: