freya's most popular and longest running workshop is 'yoni yarns'


An evening of learning, discussion, embodiment, conscious sexual education, story telling and laughter, this workshop takes a holistic and experiential approach to sex-ed and personal development.

Yoni Yarns is run every few months and co-facilitated by Melbourne's other Yoni Mapping therapist, Brighid Rose. If you'd like to host a Yoni Yarns workshop at your space or business, get in contact to see what can be arranged and we'll spread the yoni love and awareness together!

testimonials from past participants of 'yoni yarns'

Yoni Yarns is a wonderful safe space for people to openly discuss and learn about female and feminine sexuality. We discuss and explore this in an open and mindful way that allows us to all learn together. It is a holistic space that also explores self-love and getting to know the self. This is a space that is sorely needed, as there aren’t that many places available for women to learn about themselves and their bodies. There is usually so much silence and shame around these topics and Yoni Yarns helps break these down. It’s also informative and educative. We learn about things like anatomy, which surprisingly many of us are uninformed about. It’s a wonderful experience speaking with and connecting with different people and the wonderful leaders. Yoni Yarns is overall a beautiful empowering experience and I would (and have) highly recommend it to everyone!
— Nishi Boppana, Melbourne
It’s one thing to call something life-changing...it’s another kettle of fish to actually mean it. Yoni Yarns hit me deep centre and was just so humbling, terrifying, informative, eye-opening, safe, warm and lush. Being one of only 2 men in the 20 strong group was initially daunting but huge props to facilitators Freya and Brigette for opening the space to men with such integrity and allowing me the space to experience what WILL go down as a pivotal moment in my life. The courage, love and ease with which everyone communicated, shared and connected was staggering. This workshop is essential for opening up this dialogue between Men and Women and has the potential for such riotous societal change!! If you couldn’t already tell, it was bloody brilliant!
— Andy Cameron, Melbourne.
Yoni Yarns is a rare gem that has helped me to confront and explore elements of my sexuality and the relationship I have with my body in a fun, comforting and supportive environment. Every human being can get something from this workshop - the embodiment practices helped me to realise just how disconnected we can become from our physical selves when going through the motions of the daily grind. It blew my mind to realise how much I still have to learn when it comes to my own anatomy and capacity for pleasure. Freya & Brigette’s soothing energy guides the workshop and allows you to flow at your own pace. It felt empowering to talk so openly about traditionally ‘taboo’ or awkward topics with like-minded souls and helped me to realise that as women, we are all on a unique but parallel journey with one another when it comes to our sexuality. I came out feeling part of a community and more ready to confront things within myself that I had in the past felt shame over. I recommend Yoni Yarns to anyone who wishes to develop a better understanding of themselves & their sensuality, or of female sexuality as a whole and the intrinsic impact it has on us all, female or otherwise.
— Jacqui Haynes, Melbourne.
Brigette and Freya made me feel really welcome and comfortable from my arrival at Yoni Yarns. Their warm, friendly approach put our group at ease and took the heat off what can be sensitive issues. I learnt some new things, and was comforted by the fact that people were asking questions that I too sought answers to. What we discussed is so important and I value them so highly for creating a safe space where we can openly talk about such fundamental parts of ourselves that society doesn’t always allow. And encourage us to love ourselves with practical suggestions how to go about this. I’d highly recommend Yoni Yarns to any human of any gender.
— Nadia, Melbourne.
The Yoni Yarns workshop was a beautiful safe space for everyone to get comfortable and open up. Beginning the workshop with pelvic movements and flowing around the room really got things off to a beautiful start!
Getting stuck into the some juicy topics and learning about the different anatomy and sensory potential of the Yoni was very beneficial. It was great how the group opened up and could discuss anything that came to mind, feeling comfortable to ask questions about things they wouldn’t usually talk about!
The beautiful Freya facilitated the workshop with amazing, motivating energy. Presenting the information with ease and creating a space for you to enjoy and absorb all the new knowledge surrounding the female body and sexuality.
Let’s talk more about the Yoni!
— Tess McGillivray
I was lucky enough to attend Yoni Yarns at Shining Light in August. It was just as brilliant and fulfilling as I hoped it would be. The way in which Freya held space for each individual, and how Brigette curated a feeling of ease, were what really made the evening so special. The gift of sharing stories and with like minded people was an empowering experience in itself. I recommend Yoni Yarns to all individuals ready to discover and appreciate more about the gift of feminine sexuality. I left with less shame, more personal goals, and a whole lot of gratitude.
— Honey Taylor
I really enjoyed the Yoni Yarns workshop. Freya is such a cheerful and friendly facilitator, knowledgeable but very approachable and funny. I hadn’t ever really thought very much about the importance of sexual pleasure and of having the confidence to communicate what you need, but this was a focus of the workshop and I found myself partnered with other women, all saying we felt uncomfortable or guilty when it came to our own bodies. This experience was sad, but also a profound expression of solidarity. The next day I had mind blowing orgasms with my partner, which definitely wasn’t a coincidence. Thanks Freya!
— Alice Baker, Melbourne.
A warm and friendly, uplifting and refreshingly new type of teaching, on a topic that we could all benefit from understanding better! Would recommend to men and women alike. It changed my perspective and outlook in many positive ways!
— Robbie Gilchurch, Melbourne.
Yoni Yarns felt like a safe and warm space to have candid chats about female sexuality. Freya and Bridget are excellent facilitators, and both have a lot of knowledge. They made sure that it was a safe space for us all. We went through some of the finer details of female pleasure, which was pretty awesome! I learnt amazing things about my body, some of which were truly news to me. Hearing from other women, while men held space, lent a healing effect to the evening. I even invited my partner to this one, and it turned to be a beautiful bonding experience for us.
Yoni Yarns is space where female sexuality is discussed from a female perspective, like the norm it should be. It is sorely needed, given how misrepresented female sexuality is in our culture, and how little we talk about it. Yoni’s can be such a mystery even to women.
— Geetika, India.