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I'm Freya, a Melbourne-based Yoni Mapping Therapist with a passion for holistic health, well-being and personal development.

With a background of study in Kahuna massage, yoni massage, facilitation, childcare, yoga teaching, tantric bodywork and sacred sexuality, I have established my practice in Melbourne’s inner suburbs where I offer Yoni Mapping Therapy sessions and Kahuna Massage.

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“Freya is an educational and yoni loving goddess. From my first interaction with her to now (being a regular client) she has gone above and beyond. Her passion and love for what she does shines through in the incredible support and guidance she gives. Freya is beautifully loving, caring, nurturing, supportive. In the most beautiful way she helps you heal yourself, by teaching you in a nurturing and supportive way how to pour more love into your life and how to love yourself more deeply.
After being diagnosed with painful bladder syndrome (PBS) and being told there was no cure but to go on three different types of medication simultaneously, I reached out to Freya to see if she could help instead. After just one session I felt mind blowing shifts in myself and extreme pain reduction – going from chronic pain every day to forgetting I have PBS for long periods of time.
Furthermore, she is helping me heal deep parts of myself holistically that need extra love holistically after experiencing depression, anxiety, anorexia nervosa, obsessive compulsive disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder.
During my yoni mapping sessions, I feel extremely safe and supported to allow myself to heal and expand my love. Furthermore, I feel a deeper knowledge and understanding of my own body, sex life and mental space as Freya shares her wisdom and soul. Following my sessions, I feel I have a great deal of direction and sophisticated guidance to help me further grow and delve deeper into this self-study. I couldn’t more highly recommend Freya, not only as being a freaking awesome person but also as a yoni mapping therapist to guide you in your healing/growth process.”
— Amy Thyer, Melbourne.

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